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Install/Setup Instructions

Build a working blog site

Your task, should you choose to accept, is to build a simple blogging site using Python, Django, PostgreSQL, and Apache. You will need to checkin your code to Github, so we can pull down the final result and run it locally. This means the entire codebase and any configuration files should be checked in. The following conditions must be met:

  • create a public github repository and checkin your code there
  • the blog should be written using Django & Python
  • the database powering your blog should be PostgreSQL
    done, heroku shared DB is postgres
  • the blog should allow multple users to log in
    done, via normal django authentication/admin
  • staff users can write blog articles
    done, any user in 'editors' group can write articles and admin comments (edit/delete)
  • all users can comment on blog articles
    done, used Django Comments
  • a blog article consists of a three parts: title, body, slug, and date
    done, see Entry model in /admin/
  • the index page should be a list of all articles
  • each blog article should have a link to a post page, where the URL is
  • site should be served via Apache and WSGI
    used heroku, I can deploy onto EC2 if desired
  • server configuration, should be included in the github repo
    heroku config included directions to setup a new environment are in

Extra credit

Completing any of the following, in addition to the tasks above, will not only make your blog cooler, but also impress us:

  • run your software on a public webserver
    done, w/ heroku
  • pagination on the index page
    done, w/ django paginator
  • AJAX form submission
  • any caching to reduce DB lookups
  • support comment threading
    thinking about just using Facebook for this (see fbcomments branch)
  • support thumbnails for users
    done w/ gravatar
  • add a user profile and place for them to edit
    *authors can use /admin/ and if using Facebook than not applicable for readers
  • fancy CSS
    done w/ twitter bootstrap (not a CSS expert, but... it's functional)

Feel free to email if you find any of this ambiguous.