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Sample code and links to useful tutorial describing how to get Arduino and Eclipse happily working together.
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There is a very thorough tutorial on getting your Arduino and Eclipse to play nicely together. This repository represents the results of my following that tutorial and may save you a lot of time.

I tested this on OSX Mountain Lion running Eclipse Indigo with an Arduino Uno... so... ship it!

  • Install Eclipse
  • Install AVR Eclipse Plugin (I did it via the Marketplace)
  • Install the CrossPack for AVR Development
  • Clone this repo locally
  • Use the 'workspace' directory in this repo as the Eclipse workspace, or merge the contents with your existing workspace
  • Import 'ArduinoCore' and 'Blink' directories as projects
  • Build All from the Project menu
  • Plug your Arduino in
  • With 'Blink' selected in the project list click on the AVR button in the tool bar to make sure that firmware can be loaded to your board


  • The port in the AVR configuration may be off. Double check Blink Project -> Properties -> AVR -> AVRDude -> Edit -> Override Default Port
  • RTFM


I'm happy to accept pull requests if anyone thinks this is useful and wants to make it beter.

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