Development Environment

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This page is intended as a starting point for newcomers. It is not definitive nor limits development environments to Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The only true constant is PHP, but that's a given.

  • We mainly use and prioritize Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
    • If using Apache, ensure your environment utilizes Apache-specific files (like .htaccess) properly while testing.
    • If developing for other web servers (like nginx), keep in mind your contributions may need explaining.
  • While potential users may use Saguaro on a more restricted hosting platform, assume and develop as if full system access (e.g. WebM) is available.
    • Contributions can eventually be tailored down/disabled to support restricted platforms.

Recommended (not only!) setup:

  • VirtualBox or similar.
    • Portable
  • One of the following:
Distro DL Size Automated GUI (default) Support
Ubuntu Server 580MB
LAMP Stack * 204MB
DSL + XAMPP 50+126MB
  • LAMP Stack does not include GD (php5-gd) by default.
  • While all the above distributions use Apache and are flavors of Linux, nginx or alternatives and Windows or alternatives are also suitable.

VirtualBox alternatives: (standalone)

Software DL Size System
WAMP 42MB Windows
XAMPP 126MB Multi