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If upgrading, refer to Upgrade Path first.

  • Properly set up config.php by editing it in a text editor
    • Important settings are near the top, decreasing in priority/severity as you go down.
    • Ensure there are no undefined (CHANGEME) values.
    • If a value requires a double-quote (") escape it as \" or wrap the value in single-quotes: '"potato"'. Likewise for single-quote (').
  • Set up user accounts in test.php by using a text editor.
    • They are located near the top of the file, Example.
    • The default, unedited login is username "admin" and password "guest", it's highly recommend to change these!
  • Access test.php from your web browser to begin installation.
    • You may need to chmod (change the permissions of) the containing folder to 0777.
    • This will perform a lot of automated actions based on your config:
    • Test your versions of PHP, GD, and MySQL.
    • Create the working SQL database and tables for storing information.
    • Create additional working folders in the same directory and ensure they have proper permissions.
    • On the first run, if everything is okay you should only see SUCCESS next to each item. If there are errors (FAILED) modify your config accordingly and run it again.
      • For security, you need to delete the .test_lockout file in the same folder as test.php to run it again.
  • If all went well, access imgboard.php to generate the board.
  • If you want you can delete the user accounts that were entered near the top of test.php.