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This extends flake8-import-order to implement Spoqa's import order convention. It bascially follows PEP 8 with our some additional rules:

  • Standard libraries shouldn't be imported using from ... import ... statement. It's because standard libraries tend to use general terms like open. We instead use always qualified imports to eliminate name pollution:

    import sys  # Yes
    from sys import version_info  # No

    However, there are few exceptions like typing module. They can be imported in both ways:

    import typing
    from typing import Optional  # `from ... import ...` must be latter
  • All other than standard libraries should be imported using from ... import ... statement:

    from flask import Flask  # Yes
    import flask  # No
  • Deeper relative imports should go former. This rule makes consistent even when relative imports are rewritten as absolute imports.

    from ..deeper import former
    from ...deepest import later
  • Imported names are splited to three categories: CONSTANT_NAME, ClassName, and normal_names, and follow that order:

    from something import CONST_A, CONST_B, ClassA, ClassB, any_func, any_var


Install the flake8-import-order-spoqa using pip, and then specify --import-order-style=spoqa option. Or you can specify it on the config file as well:

import-order-style = spoqa

Because runtime extensible styles is introduced from flake-import-order 0.12, you need to install flake-import-order 0.12 or later.


Written by Hong Minhee, and distributed under GPLv3 or later.


Version 1.0.1

To be released.

Version 1.0.0

Initial release. Released February 12, 2017.