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ALttP VT Randomizer

First and foremost, big thanks to Dessyreqt, Christos, Smallhacker, and KatDevsGames for their work.

Without their work none of this would even be remotely possible.

Local Setup

System Setup

This assumes you're running Ubuntu 20.04 (either natively, or via Windows Subsystem for Linux). Native Windows is not currently supported. Users of either Mac OS or other Linux distributions will need to install the appropriate packages for their system.

This version of the randomizer requires version 7.4 of PHP.

sudo apt-get install php7.4 php7.4-bcmath php7.4-dom php7.4-mbstring php7.4-curl -y

Installing PHP dependencies

You will need Composer for the Laravel Dependency. Once you have that, run the following

$ composer install

Database setup

Run the following command to create a new config for the app

$ cp .env.example .env


Create a new mysql database for the randomizer (see mysql documentation for how to do this, you'll need to install mysql server if it's not installed already)

Then modify .env with appropriate username, password, and database name. Change the db connection to mysql Example:



SQLite can also be used too, this might be a better option for a quick setup.


Then run the following commands to setup the app configuration

Last steps on DB setup

$ php artisan key:generate
$ php artisan config:cache

p.s. If you update the .env file then you'll need to run the config:cache command to pick up the new changes.

Now run the db migration command:

$ php artisan migrate

Generate a base patch

In you .env file, update ENEMIZER_BASE= to the absolute path of an unheadered Japanese 1.0 ROM of A Link to the Past.

Then, in the command line run this to create the base patch.

php artisan config:cache
php artisan alttp:updatebuildrecord

Running from the command line

To generate a game one simply runs the command:

$ php artisan alttp:randomize {input_file.sfc} {output_directory}

For help (and all the options):

$ php artisan alttp:randomize -h

Running the Web Interface

Web server setup

You will need to build assets the first time (you will need NPM to install the javascript dependencies).

$ npm install

And then

$ npm run production

Once you have the dependencies installed. Run the following command then navigate to http://localhost:8000/.

$ php artisan serve

Running tests

You can run the current test suite with the following command (you may need to install PHPUnit)

$ phpunit

Bug Reports

Bug reports for the current release version can be opened in this repository's issue tracker.

Please do not open issues for bugs that you encounter when testing a development branch.