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A console Python MPD client using urwid
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urmpc is a console MPD client written in Python using the urwid library. It is
heavily influenced by ncmpcpp, but aims to be more configurable and have less
feature bloat. For example, urmpc does not aspire to have a tag editor because
this violates one of Unix's central tenets (do one thing and do it well) and
because there are already many fine tag editors on the market.

This software is still under heavy development but already accomplishes nearly
everything the author needs on a typical day. Features such as saved
playlist loading/manipulation are not yet implemented, however, so your mileage
may vary.


When available, it is recommended to use your distribution's standard packaging
system to install urmpc.

Direct Installation
# python2 install

Running urmpc In-place (without installing):
$ cd bin && ./urmpc


Almost exactly like ncmpcpp. See
for default keybindings or '0' (by default) to view configured keybindings.
Config file will be read from `~/.urmpc.conf`.

In Library panel:
	Space: enqueue
	Enter: enqueue and play

In Playlist panel:
	d, Delete: delete from playlist
	Enter: play this track
	K: move this track up
	J: move this track down
	o: jump to currently playing track

In any list:
	We support vi-like navigation (hjkl) as well as arrow keys.
	g, Home: jump to top of list
	G, End: jump to end of list
	Ctrl+f, PgDn: scroll list down one page
	Ctrl+b, PgUp: scroll list up one page
	/: search forwards
	?: search backwards
	n: jump to next search result
	N: jump to previous search result

Global Keys:
	p: play/pause
	>: next track
	<: previous track
	s: stop
	c: clear playlist
	Z: shuffle playlist
	+: raise volume
	-: lower volume
	f: seek forward
	b: seek backward

	r: toggle repeat mode
	z: toggle random mode
	y: toggle single mode
	R: toggle consume mode
	x: toggle crossfade
	u: force database update

	Tab: switch between Library and Playlist panels
	0: view live keybindings
	q, Q: quit
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