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Addressable 2.3.0

  • updated Addressable::Template to use RFC 6570, level 4
  • fixed compatibility problems with some versions of Ruby
  • moved unicode tables into a data file for performance reasons
  • removing support for multiple query value notations

Addressable 2.2.8

  • fixed issues with dot segment removal code
  • form encoding can now handle multiple values per key
  • updated development environment

Addressable 2.2.7

  • fixed issues related to Addressable::URI#query_values=
  • the Addressable::URI.parse method is now polymorphic

Addressable 2.2.6

  • changed the way ambiguous paths are handled
  • fixed bug with frozen URIs
  • https supported in heuristic parsing

Addressable 2.2.5

  • 'parsing' a pre-parsed URI object is now a dup operation
  • introduced conditional support for libidn
  • fixed normalization issue on ampersands in query strings
  • added additional tests around handling of query strings

Addressable 2.2.4

  • added origin support from draft-ietf-websec-origin-00
  • resolved issue with attempting to navigate below root
  • fixed bug with string splitting in query strings

Addressable 2.2.3

  • added :flat_array notation for query strings

Addressable 2.2.2

  • fixed issue with percent escaping of '+' character in query strings

Addressable 2.2.1

  • added support for application/x-www-form-urlencoded.

Addressable 2.2.0

  • added site methods
  • improved documentation

Addressable 2.1.2

  • added HTTP request URI methods
  • better handling of Windows file paths
  • validation_deferred boolean replaced with defer_validation block
  • normalization of percent-encoded paths should now be correct
  • fixed issue with constructing URIs with relative paths
  • fixed warnings

Addressable 2.1.1

  • more type checking changes
  • fixed issue with unicode normalization
  • added method to find template defaults
  • symbolic keys are now allowed in template mappings
  • numeric values and symbolic values are now allowed in template mappings

Addressable 2.1.0

  • refactored URI template support out into its own class
  • removed extract method due to being useless and unreliable
  • removed Addressable::URI.expand_template
  • removed Addressable::URI#extract_mapping
  • added partial template expansion
  • fixed minor bugs in the parse and heuristic_parse methods
  • fixed incompatibility with Ruby 1.9.1
  • fixed bottleneck in Addressable::URI#hash and Addressable::URI#to_s
  • fixed unicode normalization exception
  • updated query_values methods to better handle subscript notation
  • worked around issue with freezing URIs
  • improved specs

Addressable 2.0.2

  • fixed issue with URI template expansion
  • fixed issue with percent escaping characters 0-15

Addressable 2.0.1

  • fixed issue with query string assignment
  • fixed issue with improperly encoded components

Addressable 2.0.0

  • the initialize method now takes an options hash as its only parameter
  • added query_values method to URI class
  • completely replaced IDNA implementation with pure Ruby
  • renamed Addressable::ADDRESSABLE_VERSION to Addressable::VERSION
  • completely reworked the Rakefile
  • changed the behavior of the port method significantly
  • Addressable::URI.encode_segment, Addressable::URI.unencode_segment renamed
  • documentation is now in YARD format
  • more rigorous type checking
  • to_str method implemented, implicit conversion to Strings now allowed
  • Addressable::URI#omit method added, Addressable::URI#merge method replaced
  • updated URI Template code to match v 03 of the draft spec
  • added a bunch of new specifications

Addressable 1.0.4

  • switched to using RSpec's pending system for specs that rely on IDN
  • fixed issue with creating URIs with paths that are not prefixed with '/'

Addressable 1.0.3

  • implemented a hash method

Addressable 1.0.2

  • fixed minor bug with the extract_mapping method

Addressable 1.0.1

  • fixed minor bug with the extract_mapping method

Addressable 1.0.0

  • heuristic parse method added
  • parsing is slightly more strict
  • replaced to_h with to_hash
  • fixed routing methods
  • improved specifications
  • improved heckle rake task
  • no surviving heckle mutations

Addressable 0.1.2

  • improved normalization
  • fixed bug in joining algorithm
  • updated specifications

Addressable 0.1.1

  • updated documentation
  • added URI Template variable extraction

Addressable 0.1.0

  • initial release
  • implementation based on RFC 3986, 3987
  • support for IRIs via libidn
  • support for the URI Template draft spec
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