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Bugs with route_to #3

mjwillson opened this Issue · 0 comments

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OK so there are multiple problems with this example:

irb(main):106:0> a = Addressable::URI.parse("")
=> #<Addressable::URI:0x80e53910 URI:>
irb(main):107:0> b = Addressable::URI.parse("")
=> #<Addressable::URI:0x80e4fd10 URI:>
irb(main):108:0> a.route_to(b)
=> #<Addressable::URI:0x80e4a720 URI:/baz>

/baz as a relative URL from a base of would point to, not as asked for.

irb(main):109:0> a.join(a.route_to(b))
=> #<Addressable::URI:0x80e45b94 URI:>

So this is wrong, and breaks the expected invariant "a.join(a.route_to(b)) == b".
Or so you'd think, except look at this:

irb(main):110:0> a.join(a.route_to(b)) == b
=> true

How does == ?
Turns out that b.normalize has gone a bit funny

irb(main):111:0> b
=> #<Addressable::URI:0x80e4fd10 URI:>
rb(main):118:0> b.normalize
=> #<Addressable::URI:0x80e29548 URI:>

Seems like a state-related bug; seems calling "a.route_to(b)" has an unwanted side-effect on b. If I parse b afresh, this doesn't happen.

irb(main):119:0> b = Addressable::URI.parse("")
=> #<Addressable::URI:0x80e25754 URI:>
irb(main):120:0> b.normalize
=> #<Addressable::URI:0x80e2333c URI:>

So yeah there's this state bug, and there's the fact it gave me the wrong relative URL.

Another thing is, it would be really nice if "route_to" could work with relative URLs as the start / endpoints, eg if stuff like this worked

Addressable::URI.parse("/foo/bar").route_to("/foo/baz") == Addressable::URI.parse("baz")
Addressable::URI.parse("/foo/bar/baz").route_to("/foo/boo") == Addressable::URI.parse("../boo")

but realise this raises some issues.

eg currently 'normalize' removes information from some kinds of relative URI:

irb(main):142:0> Addressable::URI.parse("../boo").normalize
=> #<Addressable::URI:0x80b0ae70 URI:boo>

after normalization this now would behave differently with 'join'

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