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Spork Rails Build Status

This plugin is for running spork in Ruby-on-Rails applications.

Version compatibility map:

Versions correspond to the latest Rails minor release. Gem is backwards compatible with rails as far as it makes sense to.

  • spork-rails 4.0.0: Rails 3.0.0 - 4.0.0


Add to your Gemfile:

gem "spork-rails"

# (Since spork-rails depends on spork, it is not necessary to put both spork and spork-rails in your Gemfile)


NOTICE: If using spork with rails, use the spork-rails gem.


Add to your Gemfile:

gem 'spork-rails'


From a terminal, change to your project directory.

Then, bootstrap your test helper file. If running rspec,

spork rspec --bootstrap


spork cucumber --bootstrap


(Install the spork-testunit gem)
spork test_unit --bootstrap

(If you don't specifiy a test framework, spork will find one and pick it.)

Follow the instructions.

Finally, run spork. A spec DRb server will be running!


Running tests


bundle exec rspec --drb spec

You can remove the requirement to use the --drb argument each time by adding it to your .rspec file.

Features (cucumber)

bundle exec cucumber features

(This assumes that you ran the cucumber-rails generator with the --spork option. If not, you'll need to add the --drb option to the appropriate profiles in cucumber.yml)

To run against one a different gemset (see features/gemsets), specifying a name like follows:

GEMSET=rails3.2 bundle exec cucumber features/


  • Create spork-rails version to work agains Rails 2.x.

  • Run tests with `rake`

See also

See github.com/sporkrb/spork for more instructions.