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* prevent more connection errors from destroying the debug client listener loop
* fix lock on second encounter of 'debugger' statement
* prevent situation where debugger stops functioning if connection is dropped by ctrl-c or other forceful means.
== 0.7.1
== fixes
* allow normal debugger to operate if tests not run within spork
== 0.7.0
== features
* Experimental ruby-debug support for spork. See features/spork_debugger.feature for usage. May not work in certain setups, please report any issues with it!
== 0.6.3
== fixes
* the regression fix in 0.6.2 was not actually a bug with spork, but a bug with the test framework integration, and fixing it this way broke cucumber and rspec. doh! (sorry)
== 0.6.2
== Bug-fix
* fixes regression where entry point was not being loaded (which basically rendered Spork speed gains non-existent)
* prevent the client from listening for DRb calls
== 0.6.1
== Bug-fix
* fixes regression where abort wasn't working.
== 0.6.0
== Features
* auto-load spork supplementary test_framework gems. This will allow anyone to release a gem that enables support for a given test framework. (spork-testunit)
=== Notably
* refactoring. RunStrategy extracted from server, paving the way for different ways of running tests (windows support)
== 0.5.11
=== Bugfixes
* bugfix: no-longer load cucumber when rspec is being used
=== Notably
* refactoring. TestFramework class extracted from Server (should've been that way from the beginning). Runner no longer handling TestFramework selection logic, extracted that to a factory method. Hurray for refactoring.
== 0.5.10
Failed release. Github doesn't allow one to repent of a failed release, so, here it is. It's exactly the same as 0.5.9
== 0.5.9
=== Bugfixes
* bugfix: More fixes for Cucumber 0.4.
== 0.5.8 2009-08-13
=== Bugfixes
* bugfix: Add compatibility for Cucumber 0.4.
== 0.5.7 2009-06-17
=== Bugfixes
* bugfix: Spork was allowing view eager-loading to happen during prefork in Rails 2.2.x, 2.3.x
== 0.5.6 2009-06-10
=== Bugfixes
* bugfix: cucumber was logging to log/test.log, even though RAILS_ENV 'features' was specified
== 0.5.5 2009-06-10
=== Bugfixes
* Rather than failing silently, Spork aborts the current running test process when a new run request is sent.
== 0.5.4 2009-06-08
=== Bugfixes
* ApplicationHelper delayed loading was causing methods from Rails ApplicationHelper included modules weren't being registered in controller specs. Fixed.
== 0.5.3 2009-06-08
=== Bugfixes
* Spork.expanded_caller was flawed, and was causing a very strange regression fix where Spork.each_run block wouldn't load if it happened to occur on line 65.
== 0.5.2 2009-06-08
=== New Features
* Cleaner backtrace in diagnostic mode
=== Bugfixes
* Cucumber env.rb (and RSpec spec_helper.rb) are now able to set the environment via ENV['RAILS_ENV'] if they wish.
* Rails config/routes.rb is no longer cached
* Unknown application frameworks no longer blow up if not spork bootstrapped
== 0.5.1 2009-06-05
=== Bugfixes
* "Trapped" ApplicationController loading wasn't working in Rails 2.1.0.
* Rails 2.0.2 blew up.
* Rails 2.3.2, 2.2.2, 2.1.2, 2.1.1, 2.1.0, 2.0.2 are all verified and tested (rake test_rails tests all 2.x rails gems you've installed)
== 0.5.0 2009-06-05
=== New Features
* Diagnostic mode: run 'spork -d' to find out which project files will be preloaded, and where they are being loading from.
* Better Rails integration: automatically delay loading of ApplicationController, observers, and entire app folder. Also, automatically re-establish the database connection each run if ActiveRecord is being used.
* Cucumber feature to test Spork from end to end (integrating with Rails)
== 0.4.4 2009-06-01
=== New Features
* Return the result of run_tests by shipping it through a Unix socket pair
=== Bugfixes
* Prevent at_exit blocks from being run inside the child (fixes the duplicate run attempts bug)
== 0.4.3 2009-05-30
* Actually include MIT-License in the gem
== 0.4.2 2009-05-30
* MIT-License
== 0.4.0 2009-05-29
=== New Features
* Ctrl-c kills the running specs if running, and the server if not.
* Support for Cucumber
* More tests
== 0.3.x (Git)
=== New Features
=== Bugfixes
== 0.3.1 2009-05-25
* Extracted bin logic into Runner file, improved requiring and load path setup, and cleaned up file organization. (Ben Mabey)
== 0.3.0 2009-05
* Initial release with SpecServer, Bootstraper, and basic option parsing. (Tim Harper)
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