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Not closing browser when using capybara+selenium+guard+spork #144

ulitiy opened this Issue September 30, 2011 · 2 comments

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Alexander Ulitin Tim Harper
Alexander Ulitin

Hello! I have no answer on stackoverflow, so asking the question here.
I'm using Mac OS X and capybara+selenium+guard+spork. First time the browser starts to make integration test with :js=>true in capybara and it's not closing. When specs run next time they hang and I need to close the browser manually and restart all the specs. That happens only when I use spork. Without spork - browser is closed correctly. Specifying path gives no results.
Could you help me with this problem?

Tim Harper
Alexander Ulitin

I've made some kind of dirty workaround:
1) [optional] to close only my processes
cp /Applications/ /Applications/
Selenium::WebDriver::Firefox.path = "/Applications/"
Spork.each_run do
`killall firefox-bin-selenium`

Even if I get all the code from prefork to each_run it doesn't work.
I don't have enough skills to find more smart solution. And it seems, that at_exit has a bug in the ruby 1.9 itself.

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