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Module based code displays errors for full spec run under Spork 0.9.RC #165

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I've created a basic Rails 3.1.3 app with 3 controllers that are all called DashboardController, but split out into modules.

Running under Spork 0.9 a full spec run reports errors with the routes for the module-ised controllers not being available in the 'root' controller. However, if you run the specs individually, no such error occurs. Also, if you run the whole spec suite under Spork v0.8.5 then there are no errors.

Further instructions on re-creating this are in the README of the repo listed above.

Note that the error occurs for the latest RC gem as well as if I pull directly from GitHub.

Any help would be appreciated as this affects a live project to the point that I can't do a full spec run anymore!


For anyone bitten by this as well, the workaround is to name each class in the spec with a unique constant name, i.e. instead of:

module LayerOne
  describe DashboardController do

instead use:

describe LayerOne::DashboardController do
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