Cucumber's encoding translation (CUCUMBER_OUTPUT_ENCODING) is probably broken #24

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Zloy commented Mar 3, 2010

first of all, I'm not sure, cause I use spork-Millhouse fork on windows. I use it with Cucumber. As windows console default encoding is 866 while I write Cucumber scenarios in UTF-8, to get proper text in console output I have to use encoding translation which is built-in Cucumber. I set up CUCUMBER_OUTPUT_ENCODING, and the translation perfectly works when Cucumber starts rails by its own, but when I tell it to use spork test server( --drb), then I get ugly texts printed out to console. It seems like built-in Cucumber encoding translation has been somehow switched off by spork.

Cause I have no linux, I can not check out whether that bug relates only to Millhouse's fork, or to yours one too.

Grate tool anyway! Thank you!

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