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spork cucumber #53

golden05 opened this Issue · 8 comments

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rails 3.0
rails g cucumber:install --rspec --webrat --spork
when I visit any page
echo undefined method `visit'


I also have same problem, with rspec and capybara:

undefined method visit' for #<Object:0xd655e2> (NoMethodError)
/^(?:|I )go to (.+)$/'
features/home.feature:4:in `When I go to the homepage'


Also having the same problem all of the sudden.


Same here... I think it's something to do with a new version of cucumber


Same here with cucumber+capybara


FYI, this works for me:
Downgrade cucumber to 0.8.5
Start cucumber with "bundle exec spork cucumber"


When this issue is gonna be resolved?


I am also running into this issue and would love to see it working with 0.9.2 cuke

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