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Spork breaks Configatron gem, unable to run tests with coverage support #67

Burgestrand opened this Issue · 3 comments

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I use Spork for BDD purposes, and along with that I also use cover_me (which in turn uses configatron for configuration). My tests prematurely abort with an exception saying “at_exit” was a protected parameter so I did some digging.

Configatron checks existing methods to make sure configuration keys don’t overlap. Spork overrides #at_exit, essentially making methods_include?(:at_exit) in Configatron return true (which it should not). This becomes an issue when cover_me tries to set a default value for #at_exit configuration value, resulting in a ProtectedParameter exception.

I’m not even sure which gem to adress this issue to. I did try to fix it in Spork, but eventually it lead me to monkey patch the cover_me out of frustration instead.


What was the monkey patch you used as a workaround?


I’m terribly sorry, it was very bad of me to forget to include the mentioned monkey patch. I do not remember what the monkey patch was. I did look at it again, however, and believe something like this might work:

class Configatron
  class Store
    alias_method :orig_methods_include?, :methods_include?
    def methods_include?(name)
      return false if name.to_s == "at_exit"

Do note that this is untested, but I believe it might work.

@belt belt referenced this issue in markbates/cover_me

cover_me breaks passenger standalone #31


Spork has nothing to do with this issue. I do not use spork and experience the same symptoms.

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