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I have a new rails 3.04 project and this happens to me with both 0.8.4 and 0.9.0.rc3. I run
spork cuc
as usual and if I run the command:

cucumber -P --drb -f html --out cuc.html

everything appears fine in the html so my env is setup correctly.
If however I run:

cucumber --profile textmate > cuc.html

when the profile is defined like so -> textmate: --drb --format html features
The tests pass as usual but the step definitions appear as # i.e.

Scenario: successful retrieval
Given #
When #
Then #

looking at the HTML source I see:
Given #DRb::DRbUnknown:0x0000010130db88

so for some reason when running cucumber with a profile I get this problem. Note that running without spork and the same profile commands works fine so after investigating this for a while my conclusion is that this is most likely a spork issue due to some conflict I cannot figure out.

The reason this is important is because I use profiles with cucumber to run it inside textmate and haven't figured out a different way to do it.

Thanks for you help on this. Spork is great!


Same problem here. Did you ever manage to find a workaround?

No, but I have not tried again lately with any newer versions.

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closed by mistake ... reopening :-)

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