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Paul O'Keeffe kef :  Updated WindowsSupport (textile) [a39f53e]
Paul O'Keeffe kef :  Fixed link to ticket. The spark repo moved from timcharper to sporkrb. [fcc390f]
Benoit Bénézech bbenezech :  Updated Spork.trap_method Jujitsu (textile) [697ff7d]
Simon Protheroe sprotheroe :  Updated Troubleshooting (textile) [7b7825d]
Simon Protheroe sprotheroe :  The autoloading mechanism, cache_classes = true and spork interact in a way that gives formtastic 2.2.0 a problem finding custom inputs. Workaround found by another user referenced here. [400b8d0]
Jamie Lawrence ideasasylum :  That particular example is Rails 3 not Rails 2 [7332581]
Philippe Creux pcreux :  Add ActiveAdmin section [4b38043]
Joshua Morgan zeos90 :  Made blog post url a link. [ff78c26]
Anton Orel skyeagle :  Updated Spork.trap_method Jujitsu (textile) [c1717b6]
ilyakatz :  need to clear models before reloading them again [0a1c125]
samgro :  Typo => broken link :( [8935dfe]
Jon Kern JonKernPA :  Updated link to reflect fixed typo in the jujitsu page [d448a1e]
Jon Kern JonKernPA :  fixed incorrect env.rb link [4d9617a]
Jon Kern JonKernPA :  fixed typo in title [8f3273a]
Scott Arthur scottatron :  Note about specifying classes as strings rather than class constants in Factory Girl factories. [6b2daad]
Clint catsby :  Update link to first `spec/spec_helper.rb` link; It's over in sporkrb/spork-rails now [e6fa6ea]
John Bachir jjb :  pretty syntax highlighting [e5fc459]
Tim Harper timcharper :  App Frameworks introduction [40ef1f0]
petenixey :  Destroyed test (markdown) [1ed6953]
petenixey :  Created test (markdown) [3e7ca38]
petenixey :  Removed tutorial since it turned out to have lots of errors once cucumber was included [3a8afa3]
petenixey :  Updated Home (textile) [ddd70db]
petenixey :  Added a tutorial on how to install Spork with RSpec [3260cb9]
pivotale20 :  Updated Spork.trap_method Jujutsu (markdown => textile) [77e9690]
pivotale20 :  Updated Spork.trap_method Jujutsu (textile => markdown) [f6aa865]
Fabrik Agency fabrikagency :  Link fixes for repo: From timcharper to sporkrb [427b760]
Fabrik Agency fabrikagency :  Updated links for repository rename from timcharper to sporkrb [879fe22]
Marcos Piccinini nofxx :  Updated Examples (textile) [04ba974]
Marcos Piccinini nofxx :  Updated Spork.trap_method Jujutsu (textile) [4e3eceb]
Marcos Piccinini nofxx :  Updated Spork.trap_method Jujutsu (textile) [a02bcf2]
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