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The telephony back-end for Dance Ave, a live-action dancing game
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The telephony back-end for Dance Ave--a live-action dancing game.


Django setup

This game is implemented as a Django module. If you're not already familiar with Django, you should start with the Writing your first Django App tutorial to get an empty site up and running.

You'll need to add dance_ave to your Django INSTALLED_APPS, and include dance_ave.urls in your urlpatterns. You'll probably also want to enable the Django admin site, which we use for authentication and managing the song stations. e.g.:

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    url(r'^dance_ave/', include('dance_ave.urls')),
    url(r'^admin/', include(,

Tropo setup

Dance Ave uses Tropo for its telephony services. You'll need to create an account and point it at the Dance Ave home URL.

Game setup

You'll need to create some song stations. Use the Django admin interface, pointing each song station at some audio file URL that Tropo will be able to access.

Running the game

First authenticate yourself by visiting the admin site. (Currently, you'll see a 404 if you try to visit the dashboard without authenticating first.)

You can then monitor the running game from the dashboard view. This will show you the players who have called so far, and how many stations they have completed. You can reset the game (deleting all player data) by checking the "are you sure" boxes and hitting the RESET GAME button.

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