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Sport Data Challenge 2019

The Sport Data Challenge 2019 is organized by Sport Data Valley and Amsterdam Data Science.

General information


  • 12:30 Welcome & Lunch
  • 13:00 Keynote & Introduction
  • 13:30 Challenge
  • 19:00 Pizza & Wrap-up
  • 20:00 Ceremony & Drinks

Assessment criteria:

  • Creativity solution
  • Creativity analysis
  • Added value for the customer (Le Champion)
  • Added value for society
  • Originality of the question

Possible questions:

  • What’s needed to run a sub 2 hour Amsterdam Marathon?
  • Is it possible to predict performance, drop-outs or alternative profiles?
  • What’s the best event planning looking at registration and marketing?

This repository contains the data (and the code to retrieve it) for the challenge, as well as some other instructions.


Data from 4 running races is provided:

  • TCS Amsterdam Marathon (2016-2019)
  • Dam tot Damloop (2016-2019)
  • NN Egmond Halve Marathon (2017-2019)
  • Groet uit Schoorl Run (2017-2019)

The race results, weather and course data can be found in the data directory. Each subdirectory contains the data files as well as a file that explains the format of the data and some remarks.

At this link there is more data available that is provided by Le Champion. This data can only be accessed during the Sport Data Challenge and has to be deleted at the end of the Challenge. The data includes information about marketing e-mails and course information about the running races. Instructions on how to use the data (and the password to download and open the files) is available at the organization and will be provided to your team at the team briefing at the start of the event.

Slack workspace

The organization will use this Slack workspace for communication during the day. Click the link to join this workspace. You are free to create a private Slack channel within this workspace for your team communication.


Feel free to submit a pull request if you spot errors in the data or code.

The results of your team at this Sport Data Challenge may also be contributed back to this repo. To do this, create a subdirectory of the results directory with your team name (e.g. results/your_team_name/) and create a pull request.

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