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fifa - the world's football countries and codes (incl. non-member countries and irregular codes)


Get and pretty print (pp) all countries

require 'fifa'

pp Fifa.countries

resulting in:

[#<Country @fifa="AFG", @key="af", @name="Afghanistan">,
 #<Country @fifa="ALB", @key="al", @name="Albania">,
 #<Country @fifa="ALG", @key="dz", @name="Algeria">,
 #<Country @fifa="ASA", @key="as", @name="American Samoa">,
 #<Country @fifa="AND", @key="ad", @name="Andorra">,
 #<Country @fifa="ANG", @key="ao", @name="Angola">,
 #<Country @fifa="AIA", @key="ai", @name="Anguilla">,
 #<Country @fifa="ATG", @key="ag", @name="Antigua and Barbuda">,
 #<Country @fifa="ARG", @key="ar", @name="Argentina">,
 #<Country @fifa="ARM", @key="am", @name="Armenia">,
 #<Country @fifa="ARU", @key="aw", @name="Aruba">,
 #<Country @fifa="AUS", @key="au", @name="Australia">,
 #<Country @fifa="AUT", @key="at", @name="Austria">,
 #<Country @fifa="AZE", @key="az", @name="Azerbaijan">,

Note: If you prefer you can use the all-upcase FIFA name as an alias for Fifa.

Let's lookup some countries by the fifa (three-letter) code:

eng = Fifa['ENG']
# -or-
eng = Fifa['eng']
eng = Fifa[:eng]

eng.key    #=> "eng"   #=> "England"
eng.fifa   #=> "ENG"

aut  = Fifa['AUT']
# -or-
aut  = Fifa['aut']
aut  = Fifa[:aut]

aut.key    #=> "at"   #=> "Austria"
aut.fifa   #=> "AUT"


That's it.

What's FIFA¹?

The World's Football Association / Governing Body uses its own country list and (three-letter) codes - see the List of FIFA country codes @ Wikipedia or the countries.txt list shipping with this library.

Trivia - The FIFA member list includes 211 countries while the United Nations (UN) member list only includes 191 countries. For example, for historic reasons the FIFA includes:

  • England (ENG)
  • Wales (WAL)
  • Scotland (SCO)
  • Northern Ireland (NIR)

but doesn't include the United Kingdom (UK) itself. Or the FIFA includes (non-sovereign) dependent territories or autonomous regions that have their own national team or leagues, for example:

  • Gibraltar (GIB)
  • Faroe Islands (FRO)
  • Hong Kong (HKG)
  • and others

Note: This library includes non-FIFA member codes and irregular codes from countries in use by regional confederations too, for example:

  • Vatican City (VAT)
  • Zanzibar (ZAN)
  • and others

¹: Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) @ Wikipedia


The fifa scripts are dedicated to the public domain. Use it as you please with no restrictions whatsoever.

Questions? Comments?

Send them along to the Open Sports & Friends Forum/Mailing List. Thanks!

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