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A curated list of useful Elm tutorials, libraries and software. Inspired by awesome list. Feel free to contribute. πŸš€

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Awesome Elm

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A community driven list of useful Elm tutorials, libraries and software. Inspired by the awesome list thing. Feel free to improve this list.

Table of Contents


Learn what this awesome thing is.

Outdated Tutorials and books (Elm 0.18 or earlier)

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Read the essentials. Check the official Elm blog:

Why Elm?

Miscellaneous articles

Outdated articles (Not relevant for current Elm architecture)

  • Elm for Web Developers - A collection of notes for web developers looking into moving to Elm.
  • Elm & Components - A blog post describing a possible approach to reducing TEA boilerplate. Useful for component libraries and anyone interested in seeing the amazing things you can do with function types.
  • Composing Features and Behaviours in the Elm Architecture - An article describing how to organize code that follows the Elm architecture into independent features, how to communicate between features, and how to group some of these features together to assemble larger features.
  • Getting Started with Elm - Series of Elm education tutorials.
  • Elm & Guarantees - a realistic look at where Elm is and isn’t superior to other options.

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Watch great talks about Elm


Miscellaneous videos

Video tutorials

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Listen to podcasts about Elm

  • Elm Radio - Tune in to the tools and techniques in the Elm ecosystem.
  • Elm Town - A podcast about the people in the Elm community (Outdated).

Individual Podcast episodes

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Tools and libraries to test your Elm applications

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Code generators

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Package managers

Place to share Elm libraries.

  • elm-package - Command line tool to share Elm libraries.

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You can find hundreds of high quality packages at:

  • Elm packages - The official registry
  • Elm Catalog - Find packages in a catalog organized into categories.
  • Elm Search - Search Elm documentation for operators, function signatures, etc.

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Good starting point for a new Elm project.

  • create-elm-app - Create Elm apps with no build configuration.
  • elm-boil - Command Line Utility for creating an Elm boilerplate project easy to run, build and get deployed
  • elm-live - A flexible dev server for Elm. Live reload included.
  • elm-webpack-4-starter - Elm webpack 4 starter template.
  • example-elm-hot-webpack - Example showing hot module reloading for Elm 0.19 and Webpack
  • Elm Batteries - A project template and generator for Elm, Parcel, Cypress and Netlify
  • IHP + Elm - The IHP Haskell Framework provides a built-in Elm boilerplate, useful when working with elm in the frontend and haskell in the backend

Outdated Boilerplates

  • elm-webpack-starter - A simple Webpack setup for writing Elm apps.
  • elm-app-boilerplate - A fully-featured base project for Elm apps: Webpack, HMR, ES6, JS and Elm tests, Semantic UI, sample code and more.
  • elmkit - A lightweight Brunch based setup for web app. Includes Brunch, Hot Module Replacement, Elm, Scss, Elm tests.
  • elm-boilerplate - A simple Makefile able to create Elm app.
  • elm-init - Interactive setup for new Elm projects.
  • elm-new - Generate initial project scaffolding based on a template.
  • elm-webpack-starter-kid - A very very basic elm + webpack 4 template.
  • generator-elm-mdl - Yeoman generator for a simple elm application utilizing Material Design.

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Projects that bring a framework approach to Elm (scaffolding, route generation, etc)

  • elm-spa - Framework for making single page apps in Elm.
  • Elm Land - A framework for building Elm applications.
  • Spades - Start an Elm SPA ready to the real world.

Static analysis

  • Elm Analyse - Linter for the Elm programming language.
  • Elm Review - Code reviewer for the Elm programming language.

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Static site generators

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Showcase generators

  • Elm Book - Rich documentation builder based on Storybook and HexDocs.
  • Elm UI Explorer - Showcase your views and states.

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Run Elm

  • Ellie - The Elm Live Editor
  • Elm Editor - Advanced Elm Live Editor
  • run-elm β€” Run Elm code from the command line
  • elm-instant - atom package to try your elm code from the editor. Provides a visual REPL and a preview pane.
  • Glitch - Build fast, full-stack web apps in your browser.
  • Elm Live - A flexible dev server for Elm. Live reload included!
  • Elm Watch - elm make in watch mode. Fast and reliable.

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Compile and bundle


  • grunt-elm - Grunt plugin that compiles Elm files to JavaScript.

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Other tools

Useful tools related to Elm.

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Editor plugins

Tools to support Elm in code editors.



  • emacs-elm-mode - Syntax highlighting, Elm REPL, Elm make and Elm format integration for the Emacs editor.


Sublime Text


Visual Studio Code

Other editors

  • elm-light-table - Syntax highlighting, REPL, autocompletion, package management and much more for Light Table.

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Some good apps written in Elm.


  • elm-games - An excellent list of games made in Elm
  • TheSpace App - A reddit place like DApp with blockchain and canvas(through port) integration in Elm.

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Community and Support

Where to find help.

  • Discourse - Elm Discourse instance (official forum).
  • Reddit - Elm board on reddit.
  • IRC - Ask questions on elm freenode.
  • Slack - Elm slack community.

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Inspired by Elm

Some projects influenced by Elm

  • Bolero - F# in WebAssembly using Elmish
  • Bucklescript-TEA - The Elm Architecture based on OCaml / Reason and Bucklescript
  • Elchemy - Write Elixir code using statically-typed Elm-like syntax
  • Elmish - Elm-like abstractions for F# apps
  • Fabulous - F# Functional App Development, using declarative dynamic UI
  • Iced - A cross-platform GUI library for Rust, inspired by Elm
  • Redux - A predictable state container for JavaScript apps.
  • SwiftUI
  • MAUI - .NET Multi-platform App UI
  • Oolong - An Elm inspired Model-View-Update (MVU) implementation for Kotlin multiplatform.

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Beyond the DOM

At the moment Elm is heavily targeted towards the browser, here are some experiments on using Elm outside the DOM:

  • iOS A POC for using Elm 0.18 for native iOS Applications
  • elmish-wasm A POC for compiling elm to Web Assembly
  • elm-serverless Run Elm 0.18 on Cloud Functions using the Serverless Frameworks
  • elm-posix - Write CLI programs using Elm

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Who to follow

Follow for fresh updates for free. Use #elmlang or #elm hashtag.

Official Elm Evan Czaplicki Richard Feldman Elm Weekly

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More awesome

Discover other amazingly awesome lists.

Awesome Elm is just a part of awesome thing, get more here:

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A curated list of useful Elm tutorials, libraries and software. Inspired by awesome list. Feel free to contribute. πŸš€







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