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Twitter Bootstrap CakePHP Helper

CakePHP helper for rendering bootstrap appropriate markup. Uses the Twitter Bootstrap 2.0.



Check out the the repo in the plugins directory

git clone git:// TwitterBootstrap

Add the plugin inclusion in the project bootstrap file

echo "CakePlugin::load('TwitterBootstrap');" >> Config/bootstrap.php

Then add helper to the $helpers array in a controller (AppController.php to use in all views)

public $helpers = array("Html", "Form", "TwitterBootstrap.TwitterBootstrap");

Now available in your views is $this->TwitterBootstrap. If you'd like to make the helper name shorter, remember the alias functionality:

public $helpers = array(
	"TB" => array(
		"className" => "TwitterBootstrap.TwitterBootstrap"


TwitterBootstrapHelper::input(array $options)

The form inputs in Twitter Bootstrap are quite different from the default html that the FormHelper::input() method. The TwitterBootstrap->input() aims to do the same type of thing that the FormHelper::input() would, but with the markup the bootstrap styles work with.

echo $this->TwitterBootstrap->input(array(
	"field" => "field_name",
	"input" => $this->Form->text("field_name"),
	"help_inline" => "Text to the right of the input",
	"help_block" => "Text under the input"

The method will handle errors and update the class on the div surrounding the input and label to show the text and input border as red.

TwitterBootstrapHelper::radio(array $options)

This method will render groups of radio inputs. Internally it will call TwitterBootstrap->input(), so the options are the same.

echo $this->TwitterBootstrap->radio(array(
	"field" => "field_name",
	"options" => array(
		"yes" => "Yes",
		"no" => "No",
		"maybe" => "Maybe"

TwitterBootstrapHelper::button(string $value, array $options)

TwitterBootstrap->button() will render the submit button for forms.

echo $this->TwitterBootstrap->button("Save", array("style" => "primary", "size" => "large"));

Valid styles for the button are "primary", "success", "info", and "danger". Valid sizes are "small" and "large". If either are left out, then the default styles will apply (A grey button and a medium size). There is another option, "disabled", that takes a bool. If true it will apply the disabled styles.

TwitterBootstrapHelper::button_link(string $title, mixed $url, array $options, string $confirm)

The TwitterBootstrap::button_link() builds a button similar to the TwitterBootstrap::button() but it uses Html->link() to make an anchor tag.

echo $this->TwitterBootstrap->button_link("Edit", "/resource/edit/1", array("style" => "info", "size" => "small"));

Like the TwitterBootstrap->button(), the "disabled" option can be passed to apply the disabled styles.

TwitterBootstrapHelper::button_form(string $title, mixed $url, array $options, string $confirm)

The TwitterBootstrap->button_form() is the same as TwitterBootstrap->button_link(), but it uses Form->postLink() to create the link.

echo $this->TwitterBootstrap->button_form("Delete", "/resource/delete/1", array("style" => "danger", "size" => "small"), "Are you sure?");

Like the TwitterBootstrap->button(), the "disabled" option can be passed to apply the disabled styles.

TwitterBootstrapHelper::breadcrumbs(array $options)

TwitterBootstrap->breadcrumbs() delegates to HtmlHelper::getCrumbList(). This method is new and needs more testing.

TwitterBootstrapHelper::add_crumb(string $title, mixed $url, array $options)

TwitterBootstrap->add_crumb() delegates to HtmlHelper::addCrumb(). This method is new and needs more testing.

TwitterBootstrapHelper::label(string $message, string $style, array $options)

Twitter Bootstrap has some reusable label styles, and TwitterBootstrap->label() simply returns this small html fragment.

echo $this->TwitterBootstrap->label("Recent", "warning");

The valid values for the second parameter are "success", "warning", "important", and "notice".

TwitterBootstrapHelper::flash(string $key, array $options)

Twitter Bootstrap has some nice styles that would work great for the session flash message. By default, the method will return the value in the default key that SessionComponent::setFlash() sets (that is "flash").

echo $this->TwitterBootstrap->flash("success");

The flash message can be closable if the "closable" option is passed in the options array witha value of true. Here is info on the javascript closable alerts. The alert styles offer some different styles and they are "warning", "error", "success", and "info". To set the class to use these different styles, call setFlash() like so:

$this->Session->setFlash(__("Flash message"), "default", array(), "error");

Note that the default "flash" key that will be used when a different key is not passed in the 4th param of the setFlash() method will use the "warning" styles.

TwitterBootstrapHelper::flashes(array $options)

TwitterBootstrap->flashes() will loop through the valid alert types ("warning", "error", "success", "info") as well as the default flash type ("flash"), and optionally the "auth" flash.

echo $this->TwitterBootstrap->flashes(array("auth" => true));

Passing "auth" => true, will include the "auth" string in the loop of keys to try. You may also pass in an array of keys in the option "keys" for this method to loop through.

TwitterBootstrapHelper::block(string $message, array $links, array $options)

TwitterBootstrap->block() will create the more detailed alerts. It take a string (could contain html), and an array of links. The links should be created with TwitterBootstrap->button_link().

echo $this->TwitterBootstrap->block(
		$this->TwitterBootstrap->button_link("Action Link", "/path"),
		$this->TwitterBootstrap->button_link("Another Action", "/another/path")
		"style" => "success",
		"closable" => true

The valid options for "style" are "warning", "error", "success", "info". If the "closable" option is passed with a value of true, then the close link is added. Here is info on the javascript closable alerts.


TwitterBootstrap->page_header(string) will print a page heading TB style.