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Microsoft Teams Capsule - unofficial Microsoft Teams app for Linux
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Microsoft Teams Capsule - unofficial Microsoft Teams app for Linux

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#f03c15 Important information

App is not maintained anymore since our team moved to another tool. Possible updates will be available in the original project.


Microsoft Teams Capsule is unofficial Microsoft Teams application for Linux, which uses electron framework to wrap web version of Microsoft Teams.

With this app you will be able to launch web version as an application with no need to keep the browser tap always open.

Application also offers notifications for unread messages, but it's very limited.


Applications is distributed in the AppImage format and should run on all common Linux distributions.

  1. Download installation file
  • using direct link: AppImage
  • using wget: $ wget
  1. Make it executable
  • $ chmod a+x ms-teams-capsule*.AppImage
  1. Run the app!
  • $ ./ms-teams-capsule*.AppImage

You can also get more information about AppImage on the official website.


Install the application and launch it. After logging in you will be able to use Microsoft Teams. Application supports very limited version of notifications. If you have something unread in chats, you will receive push notification and the icon will change with one with big red dot.

Known issues

If you are stucked with blank white, blue or purple screen, just click File -> Reload, there is no need to relaunch the application.

If you don't see tray icon

On Linux distributions that only have app indicator support, you have to install libappindicator1 to make the tray icon work.

$ apt-get install libappindicator1


This project is based on awesome electron-boilerplate. Please, follow the link to learn more about using the development environment.

Since I'm quite new to Electron, PR and advices are more than welcome!