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MIT License

Interested Contributors, please read our contributing Guidelines first.

We are dropping active development of spotDL v2. No focused efforts will be made to resolve v2 specific issues.

We are actively looking for Contributors/Organization Members for all projects under development. If interested, see #857

There are a few feature requests we'd like the community to vote on. Do voice your support for features you'd like. See #867 to vote.

What spotDL does:

  1. Downloads music from YouTube as an MP3 file
  2. Applies basic metadata like track name, track number, album, genre and more...

You need to download ffmpeg to use this tool, download it from:

  1. MacOs
  2. Windows
  3. Linux
  4. Central Release Page

Announcing spotDL v3.0.2

We have rebuilt spotDL from scratch to be much faster, simpler and better than the old spotDL. The documentation for the same is a work in progress. v3.0.2 is yet to be released to PyPi so you can't install it using pip, this is intentional. v3.0.2 is still in alpha testing. We request that you use spotDL v3 and open issues for problems that you come across.


  1. For v2, run

    $pip install spotdl
  2. For v3, (latest version)

    $pip install
  3. Voila !

How to use (instructions for v3)

To download a song run,

# spotdl $trackUrl

To download an album run,

# spotdl $albumUrl

To download a playlist run,

# spotdl $playlistUrl

To search for and download a song (not very accurate) run,

# spotdl $songQuery
spotdl 'The HU - Sugaan Essenna'

To resume a failed/incomplete download run,

  • # spotdl $pathToTrackingFile
    spotdl 'Sugaan Essenna.spotdlTrackingFile'
  • Note, '.spotDlTrackingFiles' are automatically created during download start, they are deleted on download completion

You can chain up download tasks by seperating them with spaces:

# spotdl $songQuery1 $albumUrl $songQuery2 ... (order does not matter)
spotdl 'The Hu - Sugaan Essenna' ...

Spotdl downloads up to 4 songs in parallel - try to download albums and playlists instead of tracks for more speed.

Thanks for developing the v3.0.1

  1. @ritiek for creating and maintaining spotDL for 4 years
  2. @rocketinventor for figuring out the YouTube Music querying
  3. @Mikhail-Zex for, never mind...

A few interesting forks

  1. aasmpro/spotify/downloader
    • Sets metadata for songs that are already downloaded (v2 only.)
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