A bundle for Contao 4 CMS that helps you to manage your webfonts as an alternative to the Google API.
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Contao 4 Webfont Generator Bundle

Helps you to manage your self-hosted webfonts as an alternative to the Google fonts API.


As you might know, the usage of Google Services is not fully cmplient with the new GPDR, so hosting your own fonts is safer. As a bonus you can quickly switch fonts and styles in your layout.


Using Contao Manager

Just find it, install and update your database

Manual installation

Via ssh go to your contao directory (not webroot, aka "/web") and type

composer require spotbot2k/webfont-generator-bundle

Things to be aware of

File picker will not work in contao 4.3. It is about time to upgrae anyway.

Please use only free or properly licensed fonts.

Where to get fonts

fontsquirrel.com fontlibrary.org

What does work

  • Generate and load font CSS
  • Manage font styles (bold, italic etc.)
  • Assign fonts to CSS selectors automaticly
  • Tested on Contao 4.3.11, 4.4.20 - 4.4.26, 4.5.10, 4.6.3