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To install, you'll need Swig (tested with Swig 3.0.6 on OS X), and then just:

swig -go -intgosize 64 -cgo -c++ src/annoygomodule.i
mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/annoyindex
cp src/annoygomodule_wrap.cxx src/annoyindex.go src/annoygomodule.h src/annoylib.h src/kissrandom.h test/annoy_test.go $GOPATH/src/annoyindex
cd $GOPATH/src/annoyindex
go get -t ...
go test
go build


See the main README.

Go code example

package main

import (

func main() {
     f := 40
     t := annoyindex.NewAnnoyIndexAngular(f)
     for i := 0; i < 1000; i++ {
       item := make([]float32, 0, f)
       for x:= 0; x < f; x++ {
           item = append(item, rand.Float32())
       t.AddItem(i, item)


     t = annoyindex.NewAnnoyIndexAngular(f)

     var result []int
     t.GetNnsByItem(0, 1000, -1, &result)
     fmt.Printf("%v\n", result)


Right now it only accepts integers as identifiers for items. Note that it will allocate memory for max(id)+1 items because it assumes your items are numbered 0 … n-1. If you need other id's, you will have to keep track of a map yourself.

Full Go API

See annoygomodule.h. Generally the same as Python API except some arguments are not optional.


A simple test is supplied in test/annoy_test.go.


There might be some memory leaks.

Go glue written by Taneli Leppä (@rosmo). You can contact me via email (see