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CocoaLibSpotify Sample Projects
Please note: These sample projects require Mac OS X 10.6 and higher and Xcode 4.4 to build on Mac OS X, or Xcode 4.4 and the iOS 5.0 or higher SDK for iOS.
Please also note: The sample projects need a valid application key to build, placed in "appkey.c" in the same directory as the rest of the code files. Premium users can obtain an application key at
SimplePlayer is a very simple project that demonstrates logging in to the Spotify service using CocoaLibSpotify and playing a track.
Guess the Intro
Guess the Intro is a less simple project that presents a game to the user - they have ten minutes to correctly guess as many tracks as possible. Each round presents four options and the user has twenty seconds to guess.
The project contains code for navigating playlists, folders and top lists to get the user's tracks, as well as creating and adding tracks to playlists.
Empty CocoaLibSpotify Project
This is an empty project containing the necessary setup code to get you started with CocoaLibSpotify as fast as possible.