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Spotify Confidence

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Python library for AB test analysis.

Why use Spotify Confidence?

Spotify Confidence provides convenience wrappers around statsmodel's various functions for computing p-values and confidence intervalls. With Spotify Confidence it's easy to compute several p-values and confidence bounds in one go, e.g. one for each country or for each date. Each function comes in two versions:

  • one that return a pandas dataframe,
  • one that returns a Chartify chart.

Spotify Confidence has support calculating p-values and confidence intervals using Z-statistics, Student's T-statistics (or more exactly Welch's T-test), as well as Chi-squared statistics. It also supports a variance reduction technique based on using pre-exposure data to fit a linear model.

There is also a Bayesian alternative in the BetaBinomial class.

Basic Example

import spotify_confidence as confidence
import pandas as pd

data = pd.DataFrame(
    {'variation_name': ['treatment1', 'control', 'treatment2', 'treatment3'],
     'success': [50, 40, 10, 20],
     'total': [100, 100, 50, 60]

test = confidence.ZTest(
test.difference(level_1='control', level_2='treatment1')
test.multiple_difference(level='control', level_as_reference=True)

test.difference_plot(level_1='control', level_2='treatment1').show()
test.multiple_difference_plot(level='control', level_as_reference=True).show()

There's a lot more you can do:

  • Segment results by one or more dimensions
  • Use non-inferiority margins
  • Group sequential tests
  • Sample size and power calculations
  • etc

See jupyter notebooks in examples folder for more complete examples.


Spotify Confidence can be installed via pip:

pip install spotify-confidence

Find the latest release version here

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