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Maven Goals

Goals available for this plugin:

Goal Description Default Phase
dockerfile:build Builds a Docker image from a Dockerfile. package
dockerfile:tag Tags a Docker image. package
dockerfile:push Pushes a Docker image to a repository. deploy

Skip Docker Goals Bound to Maven Phases

You can pass options to maven to disable the docker goals.

Maven Option What Does it Do? Default Value
dockerfile.skip Disables the entire dockerfile plugin; all goals become no-ops. false Disables the build goal; it becomes a no-op. false
dockerfile.tag.skip Disables the tag goal; it becomes a no-op. false
dockerfile.push.skip Disables the push goal; it becomes a no-op. false

For example, to skip the entire dockerfile plugin:

mvn clean package -Ddockerfile.skip


Build Phase

Maven Option What Does it Do? Required Default Value
dockerfile.contextDirectory Directory containing the Dockerfile to build. yes none
dockerfile.repository The repository to name the built image no none
dockerfile.tag The tag to apply when building the Dockerfile, which is appended to the repository. no latest Updates base images automatically. no true Do not use cache when building the image. no false Docker image used as cache-from. Pulled in advance if not exist locally or pullNewerImage is false no none
dockerfile.buildArgs Custom build arguments. no none Squash newly built layers into a single new layer (experimental API 1.25+). no false
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