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_ is now a tuple, not a list.
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commit 419365ccd7560ef4f86a0aefd6cde589e5a51e4a 1 parent a3145d0
@blixt blixt authored
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@@ -16,7 +16,7 @@ The following awk-like variables are available:
_0 for the whole line
NF for the number of fields and _NF for the last field
NR for the number of records
-The variable _ is the list of [line, _1, _2, ...], useful for slicing.
+The variable _ is a tuple of (line, _1, _2, ...), useful for slicing.
The function p prints its arguments joined by the output field separator OFS.
To simplify writing complex statements, ';;' is replaced by newline.

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