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Ratatool-Scalacheck contains classes and functions which help with using Scalacheck generators with Avro, Protobuf, and BigQuery. For examples of using Generators see ratatool-examples.


import com.spotify.ratatool.scalacheck._
import org.scalacheck.Gen

val avroGen: Gen[MyRecord] = avroOf[MyRecord]
val record: MyRecord = avroGen.sample.get

Ratatool also provides protobufOf[T] and tableRowOf(schema) defined here.

It also enables modifying specific fields using .amend(). For Protobuf, the record has to be converted to a Builder first.

val intGen = Gen.choose(0, 10)

To use the same value in two records, use amend2() after converting (Gen[A], Gen[B]) to Gen[(A, B)] with tupled().

val otherGen: Gen[OtherRecord] = avroOf[OtherRecord]
val keyGen = Arbitrary.arbString.arbitrary

(avroGen, otherGen).tupled.amend2(keyGen)(_.setMyIntField, _.setOtherIntField)

Implicit Arbitrary instances are also available for Avro and Protobuf records. Explicit functions are provided for GenericRecord and TableRow

val avroArb: Arbitrary[MyRecord] = implicitly[Arbitrary[MyRecord]]
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