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Scio IDEA plugin

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Scio plugin for IDEA, enables BigQuery macro support in IDEA.

Raison d'être

Due to issue SCL-8834 case classes generated by @BigQueryType.fromTable or @BigQueryType.fromQuery etc, are not recognized in IntelliJ IDEA. This plugin exists to mitigate this issue. Should SCL-8834 get fixed, this plugin should be obsolete.


Inside IntelliJ, Preferences -> Plugins -> Browse repositories ... and search Scio.

Build locally:

sbt packagePlugin

Zipped and ready to install plugin is inside target. To install, inside IntelliJ: Preferences -> Plugins -> Install plugin from disk


Install following instructions above. Plugin should work out of the box.

BigQuery location

If you get the location (EU/US) error - you need to add location setting to scala compiler in your IntelliJ. The easiest way is to click on the weird looking "clock" in the bottom-right corner - it's actually a shortcut to scala compiler. If it's already running - stop it, then press Configure... and in JVM parameters add -Dbigquery.staging_dataset.location=EU.

You should upgrade Scio to version >= 0.2.1 - starting from that version bigquery.staging_dataset.location is obsolete.

User interaction

If Scio plugin can't find scala files, it will log an error via IntelliJ Event Log, which you should see via red bubble in the lower-right corner. The message should inform you that, you need to recompile the project. Follow the instructions.

If you rebuild the project, plugin should react in a matter of seconds - if completion is still not there, poke the code around, wait a minute or two. At this point plugin simply reacts to IntelliJ events, which sporadicly take a while to propegate.


This pluging uses IDEA diagnostic logger, you can find log files under standard IntelliJ directory (doc). For example for macOS: ~/Library/Logs/<PRODUCT><VERSION>/idea.log.

If there is error level message logged, it will show up in IntelliJ Event Log.


Copyright 2016 Spotify AB.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: