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DEPRECATED: A collection of base configs and CLI wrappers used to speed up development @ Spotify.


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2023-12-15: This repository is now officially deprecated. This means that the repository is no longer actively maintained and will not receive any further updates or bug fixes.

A monorepo of base configs and CLI wrappers used to speed up development @ Spotify.

Want to use it? Check out the CLI documentation to get started!

About this project

web-scripts CLI

@spotify/web-scripts is a CLI that combines shared configuration for building, linting, testing, formatting, and releasing libraries for Node and the browser. It is opinionated, but allows configuration to avoid lock-in. You can also pick and choose which scripts you use. It is inspired by other tooling bundles like react-scripts and kcd-scripts.

yarn add --dev @spotify/web-scripts husky

It is intended to be used within a project as a series of npm scripts.

  "devDependencies": {
    "@spotify/web-scripts": "^12.0.0",
    "husky": "^7.0.0"
  "scripts": {
    "build": "web-scripts build",
    "test": "web-scripts test",
    "format": "web-scripts format",
    "lint": "web-scripts lint",
    "commit": "web-scripts commit",
    "release": "web-scripts release",
    "prepare": "husky install && web-scripts audit"

Additionally, you'll need to run the following two commands to create the commit and pre-commit hooks:

npx husky set .husky/pre-commit 'yarn web-scripts precommit --no-tests --no-typecheck'

npx husky set .husky/commit-msg 'yarn web-scripts commitmsg --edit="$1"' && \
  sed 's/edit=""/edit="$1"/g' .husky/commit-msg | tee .husky/commit-msg

NOTE: the second command uses sed to hack around this bug in husky that removes $1.

You'll want to add and commit the .husky directory.

View the full CLI documentation for more details on how to get started.

Create a new library

To quickly get started with a new @spotify/web-scripts library, you can build one with our library scaffolding tool:

yarn create @spotify/web-scripts-library my-library-name

Spotify shared configurations

The other projects in this repo are shared configurations for common tools we use for building, linting, and formatting our code. They can be installed separately and used by anyone should they opt to follow our standards. We have a specialized point-of-view on what belongs in our configs. They are all used by the web-scripts CLI by default.


We have a few guiding principles for this project.

  1. Style rules should be auto-fixable and if you can, errors should be linted ahead of runtime.
  2. Avoid enforcing code style in static analysis; search for bugs with static analysis, and let auto-formatting deal with code style.
  3. Push "fast" checks as far left as you can. Optimize for code editors/IDEs fixing issues and enforcing things; write Git hooks that catch things as a failsafe; and use static analysis in CI to prevent bad things from getting into master.
  4. web-scripts is meant to be configurable. We want to avoid the "eject" problem. You should be able to easily take the base configs and extend them in your project.
  5. Fewer top-level scripts that encapsulate all behavior for that lifecycle are preferable to lots of smaller, composable scripts. For example, we do yarn lint which includes Prettier, ESLint, and TypeScript checks. We could have done yarn lint, yarn typecheck, and yarn stylecheck. That would have meant pushing "new" linting to all repos on new versions would be much harder, as we would need to communicate that you need to update your invocation in package.json.

Related projects we use

  • TypeScript: a superset of JavaScript which we think helps make code readable and less bug-prone.
  • ESLint: used for static code analysis with some auto-fixing.
  • Prettier: use to format code pre-commit and automatically in your editor.
  • Jest: our preferred JavaScript test framework.
  • husky: allows us to hook into git events in a convenient way.
  • lint-staged: allows us to write pre-commit hooks which target specific paths and run a series of commands.


This project adheres to the Open Code of Conduct. By participating, you are expected to honor this code.

This project is an opinionated approach to static analysis, code formatting, testing, and publishing. It's the result of consensus between many web engineers inside Spotify, and the default configs will mostly be written by Spotify employees. We may reject PRs to the ESLint config if we don't agree that the rule makes sense as part of our baseline, for example. Use it if it aligns with your needs!

Running Tests locally

If you get an error like Cannot find module '../cjs' when running yarn test, you need to bootstrap web-scripts.

$ yarn lerna run bootstrap


The repo releases automatically on merge to master using semantic-release and lerna in a Github Action, if the commit message has the right semantic-release format