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Insert New Value Into Document Store

Check Out the Code

This function will allow you to insert a new key value pair into your document store in a specific environment


To download this project as a template for your own Spotinst Function please use this command

serverless create --template-url https://github.com/spotinst/spotinst-functions-examples/tree/master/node-docstore-newValue


You will need to have the serverless framework installed, your Spotinst credentials set up, environment ID and account ID in order to run this project.

First you will want to install the serverless framework onto your local machine using the terminal command

npm install -g serverless

Once this has finished downloading you will have to set up your credentials to link your local machine projects to your Spotinst console. To do this please follow the directions listed here.

You will also need your environment ID for your function. This can be found on the Spotinst console under the Serverless Functions tab. Select the application you wish to deploy this funciton to and locate the environment that you wish to use. Copy the environment ID and save this for later use

The last thing you will need is your account ID which can be found in the Spotinst console under user setting. Save this for later use.


First you will need to fork this repository and set it up on your local machine. Then you will need to install the serverless-spotinst-functions plugin by running this command:

npm install

Once this has been completed you will need to navigate to the serverless.yml file and under environment add in the environment ID in the environment section.


Next you will want to deploy this function using this command:

sls deploy

The first time you run this command your new function will be created and linked to your Spotinst account under the environment that you specified. You can check this on the Spotinst Functions console.

Environment Variables

After the project has been deployed you will need to enter you Spotinst Account ID, Spotinst API token, Elastigroup ID and adjustment value as environment variables. To do this go to your function on the Spotinst Console and find the variable key spotAccount, spotToken, and spotEnvironment, key, and value then enter the value for each of these followed by press Update Function.

Warning: If you edit your code then re-deploy the function your environment variables will get over written. To stop this from happening delete the list of environment variables from the serverless.yml file after the first deploy


To test if this is working use the command:

sls invoke -f DocStoreNewValue

Or you can use the test feature on the Spoinst console. Either way you should see "Succes" if it executed properly or "400 Error: Check Logs"