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Utility for Virtual Radar Server to notify on chosen aircraft (Linux)
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AlertAir sample mail notification


AlertAir is a small and simple Linux (Bash) utility for Virtual Radar Server to notify via email on new aircraft defined by user.

The general concept behind AlertAir is as follows:

  • the AlertAir Bash script is executed by crontab every five minutes
  • the VRS BaseStation.sqb database is queried for user-defined aircraft being first-seen airborne within the last five minutes
  • if there are any aircraft matching user-defined criteria found an email with aircraft data is sent to the user
  • the result of every five-minute query is logged to the alert-log.txt file


  • Virtual Radar Server up and running (Mono-based Linux version)
  • Plugin DataBase Writer for Virtual Radar Server installed and set up
  • BaseStation.sqb database created and being fed with current aircraft/flight data
  • The utilities SWAKS (mail handling) and SQLITE3 (aircraft/flight database querying) installed


  • Download the ZIP file
  • Head to the "utility/" subdirectory and extract files from it ( and alert-config.txt)
  • Create a directory (e.g. within your home folder) and copy the extracted files there
  • Make the script file executable (chmod u+x
  • Open the alert-config.txt file to define your own aircraft to alert. Simple how-to guidelines are found in it
  • Open the file and head to the section "User-defined variables" to set your specific mail parameters etc. This is a one-off task
  • Do not alter the section "Helper variables, not user-defined" in the file
  • Open crontab with sudo crontab -e and put into it: */5 * * * * /<absolute_path_to_the_script>/
  • Note: all AlertAir files (the script, the helper files alert-config.txt and alert-log.txt) are placed in the same directory
  • Note: the script creates some temporary files which are removed after script's execution


  • AlertAir was tested on Debian 10
  • AlertAir was tested with Virtual Radar Server version 2.4 but should run also with the latest one as the VRS database remained unchanged
  • Best results in terms of non-spam reporting were achieved if using a dedicated Gmail account for sending mails. Note that you have to generate an application password for Gmail if using Google's two-factor authentication
  • Please bear in mind that I am not a professional developer
  • The AlertAir utility is provided under MIT license
  • There is a great, easy to use Windows-based utility PlaneAlerter by Dom2364 with many functionalities available
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