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Agoora agents

This repository contains all the open source Agoora agents developed by SPOUD AG. An agent is a piece of software that scrapes a dataset (a database, a streaming platform, an API, …) and reports insights into Agoora. There are two types of data: meta data and profile data. The meta data is everything but the actual data. The profiles can contain some data samples, so be sure to activate the profiling only if you want it.

The agents are meant to be used with the Agoora product from SPOUD. More info at

All the agents in this repository are free to use/modify/redistribute under the MIT license. You can also use them as an example if you want to develop a custom Agent for your needs. If you would like to publish a new agent in this repository please create a ticket so we can discuss it.

They all use the gRPC api of Agoora available at

How to use

A documentation with deployment examples can be found at


We decided to use Java together with Quarkus for your agents. We think it's the best fit the cloud and for where those agents will be used.

Our agents are distributed via docker ( and github releases (

How to contribute