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Chatmore web-based IRC client

Release 2013-03-15
Github repo:
Shawn Poulson,


What does Chatmore do?

  • Chatmore implements the IRC client protocol (RFC 2812) in order to chat in realtime on IRC chat networks.
  • Enables web-based IRC access where installation of a native client is prohibited or inconvenient.
  • User interface is focused on simplistic and functional for ease of use.

What doesn't Chatmore do?

  • Chatmore doesn't make IRC connections from the browser PC. It only talks over HTTP(S) to the hosting web server. The web server maintains the IRC connection.
  • There are no tabs or multiple chat windows. All activity is in one view.
  • Chatmore doesn't do everything because it's not finished. It is under heavy development, so is currently considered alpha grade software.

Why use Chatmore?

  • No end-user client installation. Minimal server requirements.
  • Chatmore aims to be a better web IRC client. At the time of writing, there are few alternatives for self-hosting web-based IRC clients.
  • You want to access IRC networks from anywhere there's a web browser, such as an Internet cafe, while using a computer that you don't own, etc.

Why did you build this with PHP?

  • Other languages could be easier, better, faster, and more gooder. However, half decent PHP web hosting is dirt cheap.



Tab Completion

  • Tab to reply to users who recently private messaged you.
  • As you type, nickname or channel autosuggestions may appear. Tab to select one. Auto reply tab completion Autosuggest tab completion

Show messages you missed

  • While the chat window does not have focus, incoming messages are highlighted. When you return to the window, it's clear where you left off.
  • Title bar shows message count.

Channel and nickname highlighting

  • Anywhere a channel or known nickname appears, it will be highlighted.
  • Nicknames are given a unique color.
  • Doubleclick a channel or nickname to /join or /query for chatting.

Supports independent chat sessions in separate browser tabs.



  • PHP 5.2+.
  • Linux/Unix OS. Windows is not supported.
    • Tested on Debian Linux 3.1, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2.17


  • Browser supporting HTML5.
    • Tested browsers on Windows: Chrome 24, Firefox 5, IE9, Safari 5.1.
    • Tested browsers on Mac OS X: Chrome 24, Firefox 18.0.1, Safari 6.


# cd src
# make

  • Copy build/* files to a web hosted directory.
  • Customize settings in config.php, if necessary.
  • In a browser, access the directory's associated URL.


In a browser, access the hosted URL.

Assuming the installed virtual directory is /chatmore.

Chatmore accepts access URLs in formats:

View landing page, prompting for connection details.


If nick is omitted, use randomly generated nick.
If #channel is provided, join the channel(s) automatically.

These querystring parameters will also work on the index.php landing page to show the values as defaults in the connection form fields.


  • UI not compatible with Mobile Safari on iOS.


Unless otherwise attributed, these works are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license: