Lazy time scheduling toolset for .NET
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Itinerary: Lazy time scheduling toolset for .NET

Release 1.1, 2015-05-05
GitHub repo:
Shawn Poulson,


What does Itinerary do?

  • Describe an abstract schedule of timed events as an expression, such as the equivalent of:
    "Every Friday at 5:30 pm for 1 hour, except on holidays", for any given time range.
  • Parse expressions to an Itinerary ISchedule object at runtime.
  • ISchedule provides IEnumerable of timed events within any given time range.
  • Perform complex boolean set math on schedules.
  • Change ISchedule properties programmatically, then reserialize back to TDL expression string.

What doesn't Itinerary do?

  • Does not actively run tasks on a schedule. That's your job.
    For that, check out Quartz.NET and the provided ScheduleTests unit test class.
  • Does not perform timezone interpretation or computation. All date/times are timezone agnostic.

Why use Itinerary?

  • Lightweight, stateless, lazily generate events on demand.
  • You need to integrate a cron-like scheduler into your app.
  • You already use a scheduler, like Quartz.NET, but need more powerful scheduling logic.
  • You need to logically describe arbitrary or complex recurrance patterns.
  • You need to forecast scheduled timed events.
  • You need to store the recurrance logic (not the events) for later reuse.

How do I get started using Itinerary?

  • Learn TDL expression syntax from the Itinerary Wiki on GitHub:
  • Test TDL expression syntax using the TDL Explorer tool in the solution.
  • Check out the example projects.
  • Refer to unit tests for usage reference.


Development requirements:

  • Visual Studio 2013 (Professional edition or better required for unit test execution).
  • NUnit to run unit tests. Typically, Visual Studio 2013 Professional + NUnit Test Adapter extension will do the job.
  • Java SE JDK (optional, required to recompile ANTLR grammar).

Runtime requirements:

  • .NET 4.5.1 Framework.


None reported at time of release.
See GitHub repo for issue tracking.


Itinerary is an open source project licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution license:

ANTLR 3.2 binary tools and .NET runtime are included in the Expl.Itinerary.Parser project, allowable under ANTLR's BSD license terms: