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* Added new Splib.sleep to return actual sleep times that are useful
* Added Monitor#try_lock
* Modify locking behavior on Monitor#signal and Monitor#broadcast
* Updates to Monitor#wait when used with a timeout
* Added some simple checking to remove dead threads that fail to release their lock
* CodeReloader.reload_code returns new holder instead of gutted holder
* Modify Float#within_delta? to use #between? like any
reasonable person would
* Add a priority setting for Splib.exec
* Add process tracking with Splib.exec so we don't leave
children laying around if we get shutdown
* Updates in Monitor to attempt to force
threads to stay put
* Fix Monitor's locking/unlocking
* Clean up exclusive usage in Monitor
* Add a timeout on Monitor#wait
* Add Monitor#locked?
* Add Float library to define Float#within_delta?
* Add simple monitor
* Added Array#fixed_flatten for pre 1.9 versions
* Remove IO.binread from CodeReloader for pre 1.9 versions
* Use array for Conversion information storage since we
only have Hash ordering in 1.9
* Use #chr for pre 1.9
* Make Splib.exec a wrapper for normal and threaded versions
Check platform and use threaded version when on java
* Added Splib.type_of? method to the Constants library
* Splib.find_const returns nil if constant not found
* Added Splib.find_const to the Constants library
* Initial release
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