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F# integration for Unity
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Unity F# integration

Make Unity functional again!

Installing this Unity package adds an F# menu to the Unity editor:

  • Compile F# F6 finds F# projects in the current Unity project folder and compiles them using dotnet
  • Create F# project creates an F# project using dotnet and adds all Unity references
  • Open F# project in default editor opens the F# project with the current default application for .fsproj files
  • Include reference to C# project toggles the inclusion of a reference to the dll-file created by the Unity C# project
  • Include additional references toggles the inclusion of references to additional Unity modules, besides UnityEngine and UnityEditor
  • Compile in release mode toggles building in release mode instead of debug
  • Show debug information toggles printing of debug information during compilation

After creating an F# project through the extension, use the Compile F# button to compile the project and copy the resulting .dll into the Assets/-folder, so Unity can index it.

You can also compile from the IDE you are using to edit the F# files, as long as the dll-file is put in bin/Debug or bin/Release. Just remember to click Compile F# to have the extension copy over the needed file.

Download the Unity package here

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