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git-incoming # shows incoming commits from the tracked (or specified) branch
git-incoming-short # same but shorter
git-last # git last 3 (show the last 3 commits)
git-outgoing # show outgoing commits to the tracked (or specified) branch
git-outgoing-short # same but shorter
git-patch # format a patch and put it into ~/Documents/Patches/<Project>/<branch>.patch
git-push-all # push to all remotes
git-switch # like checkout, but with auto-stash
git-pack-config # put .git/config into the repository for portable configs
git-unpack-config # put .git/config back into place
git-wip # store your existing changes as a "work in progress" commit to facilitate rebasing
git-unwip # run this after rebasing to turn the wip commit back into unstaged changes
git-wtf # show the current status of your git repository, including feature branches