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Brushes is a painting app designed for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

It is available on the App Store.


Brushes is free/libre open-source software. It is distributed under the Mozilla Public License v2.0.

Please do not submit unmodified (or trivially modified) versions of this application to the App Store. The license grants both rights and responsibilities. If you choose to clone and submit this application to the App Store, you are required to make this source code (and any changes that you've made to it) publicly available. You must also make it clear that the source code is available and provide a link to it.

I will ask Apple to pull any apps that do not comply. Please don't waste your time and mine.

How to Contribute

One of my motivations for releasing the source code for Brushes was to make it a community project. To that end, I'd appreciate help with bug fixes, localizations, testing, and ideas for improving/simplifying existing code. Take a look at the list of issues to find enhancements that I've considered implementing.

If you're taking on a big change, I'd be happy to discuss design ideas or answer questions before you get too far along. Note: I will likely be picky about implementation details and UI changes.

To contribute, please follow the branching model outlined here: A successful Git branching model.


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