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Spree Commerce

Open-source eCommerce platform for @rails with a modern UX, optional PWA frontend, REST API and GraphQL. Developed by @spark-solutions. See also @spree-contrib

Pinned repositories

  1. Open Source multi-language/multi-currency/multi-store E-commerce platform for Ruby on Rails with a modern UX, PWA frontend, REST API, GraphQL, several official extensions, and 3rd party integrations.

    Ruby 11.2k 4.7k

  2. Huge collection of payment gateways for @spree. Stripe, Braintree, Apple Pay, and many others!

    Ruby 181 420

  3. Provides authentication (user accounts, login & signup) for @spree by using Devise

    Ruby 125 482

  4. Spree Commerce Storefront API v2 JavaScript / TypeScript SDK

    TypeScript 68 19

  5. Dockerized @spree demo & starter template

    Ruby 297 93