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Remove shipping_method_controller_decorator.rb #14

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The current spree view uses name and description attributes in the admin/shared/_calculator_fields partial. When overriding the current code in load_data method the name attribute is not available in the @calculators variable.


decorators are not being loaded at all b/c the engine does not load/require any of the _decorator*.rb files. #17 adds this to the engine.

However, I agree that I don't see a huge advantage to this decorator and it would be better to remove it altogether.

+1 on removing shipping_method_controller_decorator.rb


Agreed. Removing it.

@radar radar closed this pull request from a commit
Lance Taylor removing shipping_methods_controller_decorator. Closes #14. e67a457
@radar radar closed this in e67a457
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Commits on Jan 9, 2012
  1. removing shipping_methods_controller_decorator

    Lance Taylor committed
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13 app/controllers/spree/admin/shipping_methods_controller_decorator.rb
@@ -1,13 +0,0 @@
-Spree::Admin::ShippingMethodsController.class_eval do
- private
- # overriding to return an array of Calculator objects instead of a Set
- def load_data
- @available_zones = Spree::Zone.find :all, :order => :name
- @calculators = []
- Spree::ShippingMethod.calculators.each {|calc|
- @calculators << eval(
- }
- @calculators = @calculators.sort_by(&:description)
- end
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