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Update the README, acts_as_commentable will load through bundler and …

…some touchups to the migration tasks

Signed-off-by: Chris Boertien <>
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@@ -10,10 +10,6 @@ object (i.e. Order, Shipment, etc) via the admin Configuration tab.
This is based on a fork / rename of jderrett/spree-order-comments and is now an officially
supported extension.
-* [acts\_as\_commentable]( installed
* Comments are create-only. You cannot edit or remove them from the Admin UI.
@@ -24,20 +20,23 @@ Installation
Add the following to your Gemfile
gem "spree_comments"
- gem "acts_as_commentable"
bundle install
Copy over migrations via the rake task:
- bundle exec rake railties:install:migrations FROM=spree_comments
+ bundle exec rake spree_comments:install:migrations
-Run the migrations:
+Run the migrations
bundle exec rake db:migrate
+Or you can also run them together and save a little loading time
+ bundle exec rake spree_comments:install:migrations db:migrate
Start your server:
rails s

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