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Rich text editor for Spree with Image and File uploading in-place.

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Spree Editor

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This extension provides an inline rich-text editor for Spree. It implements different types of editors:


  1. Add the Spree Editor gem to your Gemfile:

    gem 'spree_editor', github: 'spree-contrib/spree_editor', branch: 'master'
  2. Run:

    $ bundle install
    $ rails g spree_editor:install
  3. If using CKEditor, and would like to enable file uploads run the ckeditor generator:

    $ rails g ckeditor:install --orm=active_record --backend=paperclip && rake db:migrate
  4. In order to secure your file uploads to only be accessed by admins you will also need to configure config/initializers/ckeditor.rb:

    config.authorize_with :cancan, Spree::Ability
  5. In order to precompile CKEditor's generated assets, you will need to add a line in config/initializers/assets.rb:

    Rails.application.config.assets.precompile += %w( ckeditor/*)


Preferences can be updated within the admin panel under "configuration" then "rich editor".

Or you may set them with an initializer within your application:

SpreeEditor::Config.tap do |config|
  config.ids = 'product_description page_body event_body'


To obtain support for multiple languages with TinyMCE add tinymce-rails-langs to your Gemfile:

gem 'tinymce-rails-langs'

TinyMCE will not be loaded unless it finds a language package matching your Spree::Config.default_locale.


See corresponding guidelines

Copyright (c) 2010-2015 divineforest and other contributors, released under the New BSD License

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