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Hello there, so I made some changes recently to get this extension working with Spree 0.80.x and above. joneslee85, not sure if you had been doing similar work locally or not but I pushed to master when I initially started working on these changes, so I've sort of stuck with it.

I still need to take a look at the specs, but as far as functionality goes I believe the extension is working except for updating captcha settings in the admin interface. I took a look at that issue but couldn't see exactly what was wrong there.

Remaining work:

  • Get specs passing (rake test_app seems to break due to changes in spree almost every time I get it running again, not sure what the current deal is)
  • Fix setting of Spree::Captcha::Config at app/controllers/spree/admin/captcha_settings_controller.rb:5

@LBRapid: I haven't touched it for a while, I'd really appreciate your help on porting it to work with 0.80.x


Hi Guys,

I think the Versionfile needs to be updated for spree 0.70-x.

I had trouble figuring out the first namespace commit, but right around commit: 16f53be

is the last spree 70 working version, I believe (about to test).

In other words, should probably change the spree 0.80 to master and 0.70 to something near this commit.




Yup, we have to add 1.0.0 in Versionfile. Please let me know which commit is the last commit working for 0.70.

spree-contrib member

The last commit that will work with 0.70.x is:


I'll update Versionfile shortly.

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