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jstirk commented Jul 7, 2011

Hi all,

There is a fair bit in this pull request. It won't apply cleanly against edge, as it was built intended for a 0.60.1 application.

It includes an existing pull request from craigmcnamara spree-contrib/spree_related_products#6 , as that was required to get it working on 0.60.1.

In addition to this :

  1. It gives the project some specs to test the core Product methods;
  2. Specs can be easily run with no external projects;
  3. Documentation for the Project methods;
  4. Prevents the extension from failing with an exception if any of the Products have available_on = nil;
  5. Refactors the method_missing so as that it just dispatches the call and nothing else. This makes it easier to override the functionality (which was my original use case).

Please let me know if I can offer any assistance with getting this pulled. I have already started merging it into master locally, but I don't have an edge Spree environment set up to test the 3.1-dependant functionality.


jstirk commented Jul 8, 2011

Just realised this patch will probably break all you gem-related rake tasks :(

BDQ commented Jul 8, 2011

@jstirk - There's some great stuff in here and we should definitely get it merged in. Thanks for the contribution.

@ajjahn - Can you try and get this merged. Ping me on #spree if you need a hand.

ajjahn commented Jul 8, 2011

@bdq - Yeah I'll merge it, and let you know if I need any help. As @jstirk mentioned, it will break the gem-related tasks. Is there any need to preserve the gemcutter tasks since we are using github and the versionfile?

BDQ commented Jul 8, 2011

@ajjahn - No I think you can rip the gemcutter stuff

JDutil commented Nov 30, 2011

I just updated master with the namespace changes, but didn't think to pull this in first. @ajjahn if you hadn't started on this I could work on updating it to work with the namespace changes. It would be nice to get the specs going.

@JDutil JDutil closed this in 0d43d9f Nov 30, 2011
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