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Bad routes problems #108

theCrab opened this Issue · 12 comments

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I am using the spree_static_content 1.3.2-stable branch.
I have my Spree mounted at '/store'

Now I get urls like http://localhost:3000/storeabout-us instead of http://localhost:3000/about-us

What am I doing wrong?


What is the url/path helper code being used in your template?


i have none. Should I be using one?


@jdutil could you please explain the url/helper requirement. I don't understand it.



@jdutil is the helper the main_app.*_path


Yes which should be spree.*_path for spree routes. You will need to provide a more detailed description of the actual code being used such as your template in order to help any further.


@jdutil Problem is this: If I mount Spree ... at: '/' the pages work fine. But not if the setup looks like below

  root :to => 'welcome#index'

  mount Spree::Core::Engine, :at => '/store'

I get URL's like


But I want



so my question is: Where is spree_static_content routes mounted? It looks like on the Spree namespace. Why is it not working?


it doesn't work unfortunately doesn't work @msevestre


I haven't used this extension with a mount other than '/' so I'm not sure what the underlying problem is.

What happens if you ensure your pages have a leading / in the slug? For instance if your slug is 'about-us' try '/about-us'.


As part of #98 we discussed forcing all slugs to contain the leading / so if it's required to fix this bug than probably will go forward with that.


rake routes produces something interesting

root               /
spree            /
static GET    /                              spree/static_content#show
static GET    /*path(.:format)         spree/static_content#show

@jdutil and yes adding a leading '/*' in the slug it works.

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